Please wear heavy duty gloves, as some edges are sharp

The Crowea Garden System includes:
- Gardenbed
- GrowCover (2m x 3.55m)
- 3 hoops (25mm pressure pipe)
- 2 tent pegs
- 2 elastic straps
- 6 Clips
-weed mat

Align numbered holes and insert bolts. Tighten firmly with spanner (not included). 

Place Weed mat on level ground, Garden bed on top and install irrigation if needed.

Insert hoops through brackets and then fill bed with soil. 

Hammer tent pegs into the ground at an angel under  the centre of both ends, leaving hooked end just above ground. 
(if installing on pavers, use a tek screw or hook on the very bottom of the bed)

Place GrowCover over the tunnel structure
Make slip knot in elastic strap 
Place elastic strap around GrowCover and hook to tent peg.
Place your clips along edge securing Growcover to timber .