Growing your own vegetables is not only smart, it is also enjoyable. Even more so when the result is fresh, healthy good food for your family. 
You get deep satisfaction from nurturing your plants from seedlings and then harvesting them for your table. From garden to plate within minutes - you can't get any fresher than that.

The satisfaction is doubled when you experience the true taste of vegetables and fruit that haven't been sprayed with poisons and chemicals. 
But experienced gardeners know that it is not just a case of planting and harvesting. A rich healthy soil, with localized watering and protection from insects and weeds is also needed. 

A raised bed allows you to concentrate on enriching the soil exactly where your veggies will be growing, no wastage of compost or fertiliser, no leaching into the walkways alongside the conventional garden beds. Water too is placed exactly where the plants need it, an important factor in these days of hefty water restrictions. 
Also, we provide a GrowCover that creates a specialized micro-climate that your plants will love. It also keeps weeds and insects out so your plants can flourish. 

We have proved through extensive testing that the Crowea Garden System raised beds are the best size in height (45cm), length (1.8m) and width (1m) to make your vegetable gardening not only highly productive but a real pleasure. By equipping them with GrowCover canopies you will have no insect or weed worries and will be astonished at how well your vegetables grow under its protection, and one other thing - no aching backs! The beds are made to be a comfortable height so no bad backs or aching muscles. They are also ideal for wheelchair bound people to garden comfortably.
Our raised beds not only work well they also look fabulous. Our nice wide Jarrah-timber edging goes right around them so there is no risk of cutting yourself on raw metal.

They look so good that they can even be put with pride on your patio or terrace and you have the choice of Colorbond Cottage Green or the traditional Silver Zinc. For a little extra we can also custom-make them in a colour of your choice. 
They are delivered in a flat-pack and are easy to assemble. All you need is a spanner.

*All our Jarrah timber comes from a government approved source.