Irrigation Setup

Originally we installed 40 litre/hour sprinklers but found this setup was not ideal.
Too much evaporation was occurring.
We now use driplines which deliver the water directly to the root zones reducing water-wastage and increasing efficiency.
The product is called Netafim Landline 8 (Miniscape) drip irrigation. The drippers are spaced at 15cm intervals and have a capacity of 2 litres/hour. Other brands should be available at your local hardware store.
Our feeder lines are 1 inch soft poly-pipe and the whole system is on a timer. Another option is to install a  separate tap on each feeder line which means you can turn off the water to a bed when not in use or to finish off growing, in the case of Potatoes or Garlic.
You can hand-water through the GrowCover or simply place a garden hose under the material.

An other good option is to use the Irrigatia  Solar automatic watering system