Protection netting against frost and insects

We have chosen to use GrowCover as an insect protection netting for our garden beds

GrowCover is a versatile and durable insect netting that also encourages the growth of strong and productive vegetables and herbs in the home garden.
It creates a healthy micro-climate that nurtures your plants in the good times and protects them from the bad. GrowCover insect netting is knitted from thin, but amazingly strong, high density UV stabilized polyethylene thread.
It is knitted, not woven. Accidental small cuts do not run and the manufacturers claim a life of 5 years
Despite its light weight it is strong and prevents damage caused by strong wind, rain, hail and frost. It protects from insects, birds and animals which also like to eat your fresh tasty home grown vegetables. (GrowCover does not protect plants from being attacked by tiny insects like aphids and thrips unfortunately.)

The Benefits of Using GrowCover:

- Promotes strong, healthy and vigorous seedling and plant growth
- Creates a microclimate and reduces watering and evaporation loss
- Is ideal for use with drip irrigation
- Allows in air, rain and sunlight
- Protects from most insects
- Protects from strong winds and hail
- Protects from light frost (up to -4C)
- Protects plants from birds, animals and insects
- Has a low shade factor of < 18%
- Resists tears and cuts
- Is light and easy to handle
- Can be laid flat to promote seed germination
- Is available in standard size packs and by the metre.
   Please visit Judy's Veggie Patch website for ordering additional covers